Sunday, March 2, 2008

Provider Of Data Warehouse Management Software In MD, USA - Appfluent Technology .

Appfluent Technology is the leading provider of enterprise BI and data warehouse Management software.

Appfluent software non-disruptively 'captures and correlates' user activity, data usage and query performance for detailed usage-analysis over time. Business intelligence and data warehousing professionals, as well as the entire IT application and database teams, rely on Appfluent's usage-analytics to help resolve query performance issues, provide efficient data management, and mitigate regulatory risk.

With the Appfluent Query Auditor, organizations can reduce costs through data consolidation, improve and optimize performance to match usage patterns and audit data access for regulatory compliance.

Where other tools and efforts only provide an intrusive snap-shot of activity, Appfluent provides non-intrusive granular insight over time. This approach provides critical, lasting value for Appfluent customers.

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Performance & Optimization
Data Consolidation & Migration
Granular Compliance Auditing

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