Saturday, March 15, 2008

Data Management Software Solution in CA, USA - Sybase

For more than 20 years, Sybase has been a leader in developing and expanding innovative database technology.Sybase enables customers of all sizes to unwire their enterprises and make information available from the data center to the point of action, and back, anytime, anywhere.

Across Sybase, Their business groups cover the database and information mobility spectrum, ensuring that information is securely managed and mobilized to the point of action.

Insightful decision making commands a premium in today’s competitive world. Meeting the demand for business intelligence, advanced analytics, data mining, predictive modeling, stringent regulations and blazingly fast reporting requires more than a traditional data management system can handle.The U.S. Internal Revenue Service calls Sybase IQ its “secret weapon.” LoanPerformance says Sybase IQ offers its users a “whole new, entirely different experience.”

The Sybase IQ analytics server combines a column-based data structure with patented indexing and a scalable grid. The more pressurized the requirements – hundreds or thousands of concurrent users, complex ad hoc queries, very high data volumes and a high rate of change – the brighter Sybase IQ’s strengths shine. Sybase IQ also provides a reduction in disk and CPU requirements compared to traditional row-based database management systems, which have to be retrofitted to support data warehousing and analytics.

Key Sybase Products:

Database Management
Business Continuity
Data Integration
Data Warehousing
Mobile Enterprise
RFID Software

How to Reach Sybase

One Sybase Drive
Dublin, CA 94568

Phone: (925)236-5000