Monday, March 10, 2008

Data Analysis Tools Provider In IN, USA - Megaputer Intelligence Inc.

Megaputer software enables clients to make timely, informed decisions using knowledge derived from data analysis.

Megaputer offers intelligent data analysis tools of a new generation. Tools that can derive actionable knowledge from huge amounts of both structured data and text. Tools that are powerful and highly automated, yet easy to use. Tools that timely deliver actionable reports to decision makers. Tools that are backed by many years of experience in building customized solutions for various industries.

Customers need analytic solutions available in the framework of their existing IT systems. Megaputer meets these needs by offering a flexible platform for building powerful domain specific analytic solutions like Data Mining Technology and Text Mining Technology.



Contact Details:

Megaputer Intelligence Inc.
120 West 7th Street
Suite 314
IN 47404
Call : 1 (812) 330-0110
Fax: 1 (812) 330-0150