Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Data Preparation Consultant In CA, USA - Abbott Analytics

Abbott Analytics leads organizations through the process of applying and integrating leading-edge data mining methods to marketing, research and business endeavors. Abbott Analytics is dedicated to improving your efficiency, tax compliance, profitability, and research through data mining.

Recent data mining consulting engagements include fraud detection, acquisition and churn models, survey analysis, models for predictive toxicology, and exploratory data analysis. Recent training engagements include workshops to accelarate company effectiveness in data mining using Clementine, CART, Affinium Model, Insightful Miner, and S-Plus

Few Links To View:

Project Assessment
Data Preparation
Model Development
Model Deployment

Data Mining Course:
Overview for Project Managers
Overview for Practitioners
Customized Data Mining Engagements

Contact Details:

Abbott Analytics
P.O. Box 22536
San Diego, CA 92192-2536
Voice: 858-450-0313
Email: dean@abbottanalytics.com