Monday, March 31, 2008

Data Quality & Data Warehousing Solution In CA, USA - EntrePro Corporation

EntrePro Corporation provides consulting services in implementing business intelligence, data quality, and data warehousing solutions. EntrePro partners with clients, providing much needed insight into data quality and data consolidation issues. Using the Data Warehousing Cycle TM approach and minimal-risk, customer-friendly project management, typical multi-year, budget-prohibitive data warehousing solution projects are reduced to clear-cut, immediate-impact, short-term deliverables with reasonable cost.

EntrePro provides a combination of consulting and custom development, a service practice focused on data and deployment of data warehousing, business intelligence, and data quality solutions.Their dedication to excellence is substantiated through delivering high quality results at high speed, while maintaining low cost and low risk to the customer.

Their unique approach of focusing on the business analysis first allows them to understand clients business and application language, the structure and quality of their data, and deployment of their processing. Once this is understood, EntrePro can provide automated building of applications, improved data structures with parametric search ability, optimized deployment of technology, and information reliability.

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