Monday, December 15, 2008

Data Mining & Data Visualization Software developer in USA - Miner3D, Inc

Miner3D is today's leading innovator of visual data analysis and visual data mining software. Focused on the end user Miner3D strive to deliver powerful and easy-to-use business intelligence desktop software products.

Miner3D brings a new democracy to the world of business intelligence. Powerful, but affordable, its capabilities allow business and scientific users to easily spot trends, patterns, clusters, or outliers or unknown relationships in data.

Product overview of Miner3D :

- Miner3D Basic
- Miner3D Professional
- Miner3D Enterprise
- Miner3D Infinity
- Miner3D Developer
- Miner3D Web Player
- Miner3D Chemical Structure

Solutions provided by Miner3D :

- Life Sciences
- High Throughput Screening
- ADME Toxicology
- Lead Optimization
- Clinical Trials

Contact Us :

Miner3D, Inc.

113 Barksdale Professional Center
Newark, DE 19711

Phone : +1 (302) 213-0121
Fax : +1 (302) 213-0121
Email :