Thursday, December 11, 2008

Analytics software provider in San Francisco, USA - Island Data Corporation

Island Data Corporation, delivers real-time customer intelligence to many of the world's most innovative global enterprises. Going beyond conventional market research tools, Island Data's software-as-a-service, Insight RT™, gleans actionable intelligence from uniquely valuable unstructured customer generated content. Insight RT offers a strategic advantage to fast-moving customer-focused companies by capturing, categorizing, analyzing, and reporting customer feedback in a simple-to-use, on-demand interface.

Solutions provided by Island Data Corporation :

Solutions by Business Process
- Customer Experience
- Optimize Product Management
- Reputation Management
- Sales & Marketing
- Service Improvement
- Organizational Efficiency
- Net Promoter Score

Product overview of Island Data Corporation :
- Insight RT™

Contact Us :

Island Data Corporation
44 Montgomery St.,
Suite 2040 San Francisco,
CA 94104

Toll-Free : 866-517-4100
E-mail :