Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Data Migration Solutions provider in IL, USA - LAITEK Inc.

LAITEK Inc. is an Illinois corporation founded in 1980. Originally named Laboratory Automation Inc., the company changed its name in 2007 to LAITEK Inc. d.b.a. .) Over its life, the Company has developed computer-based instruments and medical imaging products for commmercial clients and performed medical imaging research for government agencies. Migratek(tm) is a trademark for LAITEK's data migration services.

LAITEK Inc. perform data migration services either directly for hospitals or as a subcontractor to replacement PACS vendors. They develop a migration proposal based on clients individual needs and a technical investigation of site requirements.

Services Offered by LAITEK Inc. :

Rapid Migration Services
Conventional Migration Services
Proactive Migration Solutions
Data Cleansing Services

How To Contact LAITEK Inc. :

17743 Gladville Avenue
Homewood, Illinois 60430

Phone: (708) 960-4164
Fax: (708) 957-4468

Contact person:

Fred M. Behlen, Ph.D., President
Mobile: (708) 567-2446
E-mail: fbehlen@laitek.com