Monday, November 17, 2008

Data Mining Solutions provider in USA - Zaptron Systems

Zaptron Systems™, Inc., a spin-off of Aptronix, Inc. (the world pioneer of fuzzy logic since 1988), is an intelligent system solutions provider with technologies in data mining, intelligent controls, high availability (HA) computing, neuro-fuzzy, data and information fusion. The Zaptron's products and services focus on business intelligence, HA middleware for data communications in financial systems, web-based customer support (eSupport), equipment diagnosis, process optimization, and network controls.

Product overview of Zaptron Systems™, Inc. :

- MasterMiner Solutions
- DataX™
- Z Search™
- iDSS™
- SeiScriptor™
- Custom Software Products

Contact Us :

Zaptron Systems

3565 Ryder Street, Suite A
Santa Clara, CA 95051

Tel : 408-245-9237,
Fax : 408-490-2729
Email :