Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Leading provider of data warehousing and database management - REY Consulting

REY Consulting is a premiere IT solutions firm providing professional consulting and project development resources for mid- and large-sized companies in a variety of industries. They are a leading provider of data warehousing, decision support and report distribution systems, specializing in business intelligence reporting, software development, and database management.
Their client list includes some of the top names in the financial services, banking, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and telecommunications industries, providing us with the skills and the knowledge base to tackle a wide variety of business issues.

Products & Services

· Data Warehousing
· Business Intelligence
· Decision Support
· Distributed Reporting Systems
· Custom Application Development

Technical Expertise:

Programming Languages: Visual Basic, SQL, PL SQL, T SQL, C++, C#
Databases: MS SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle
Inter/Intranet: HTML, DHTML, XTML, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, JSP

Contact information:

snail mail:
REY Consulting, Inc.
33 Sicomac Road, Suite 303
North Haledon , NJ 07508

phone: (201) 337-0051