Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baan implementation & data migration tools provider in USA - SysComSoft

SysComSoft is a software automation company, a Global Baan Consulting Alliance Partner and a Baan Customization Alliance Partner.

SysComSoft offer Baan implementation and customization services, data migration tools, automation and integration technology for rapid Baan implementation. Their customers are Fortune 500 companies in the Heavy Equipment, Automotive and Electronics industries.

Their innovative SysComSoft Automation technology provides the capability of automating any series of Baan sessions to simplify user activities, reduce training cost, enhance data accuracy, and significantly improve productivity.

SysComSoft Data Migration Products are capable of processing any dynamic, complex data into Baan. Examples include Items, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Production Orders, Warehouse/Location Inventories, WIP Inventories, Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables. These products guarantee Baan data integrity because the Baan sessions are executed as if people were manually entering data with these sessions except at speed and accuracy hundreds times faster and better.

Process Automation
System Interface
Data Migration

Process Automation
Data Migration
Project Management

Contact info:

P.O. Box 953547
Lake Mary, Florida 32795-3547

Phone: (407) 805-0022
Fax: (407) 804-0686