Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Data Warehouse Data Mart Technology Developer - ADRM Software

ADRM Software is the leader in the development of data model technology to meet a broad set of industry and cross-industry requirements:

> Strategic Planning
> Data Architecture
> Business Area Planning
> Data Warehouse
> Data Mart
> Applications Development
> Metadata Management
> Systems Integration
> Re-engineering
> Mergers & Acquisitions Integration

ADRM clients worldwide have adopted and implemented ADRM products in a broad range of industries to meet enterprise critical data issues via proven technology.

ADRM provides solutions that address functional or cross-industry requirements.
Each solution is a suite of data models that are specifically designed for that requirement. The solution model suite consists of a combination of custom data models and Business Area Models drawn from relevant industries.

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Sales & Business Development
Kevin Schofield
VP Sales & Marketing

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