Thursday, May 1, 2008

low cost Data warehouse solutions Provider in TX, USA - Expedien

Expedien offers a decade of experience not only in developing high-performance data warehouse solutions for some of the world's largest organizations, but also sophisticated, low-latency solutions that transmit highly complex data and massive volumes of data to large audiences of end-users. Their expertise with state-of-the-art tools ensures a robust yet low cost data warehousing solution.

As the data warehouse grows, management of the repository is a crucial step in optimizing results and return on investment. Expedien provide data warehousing administration services such as performance analysis, user analysis, benchmarking, auditing, and tuning to help clients measure the ongoing success of their data strategies.


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Corporate Headquarter:

Phoenix Tower
3200 Southwest Freeway,
Suite 3300
Houston, TX 77027

Phone: +1-713-840-6090
Fax: +1-832-201-9281